After HDB Fiasco, New Housing Policies in Line with the Singapore Spirit

Working from home has never been more efficient

With many 99-year Housing Board (HDB) leases creeping to their midpoint mark, new housing policies promoting reconciliation with Singaporean identity have been established to help Singaporeans move towards the eventual transition into another government housing scheme.

One such policy, the ‘Work from Home’ policy, promises to bring local white-collar workers closer to home with a commute of a few steps. Fully furnished rooms will be situated within office buildings located around Singapore. Following the current minimalist movement, these rooms will be furnished with the essentials needed for living. So as to encourage a non-waste lifestyle and contribute to cost efficiency. This is in line with the national movement on productivity.

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Shorter lease

Instead of a 99-year lease, applicants can look forward to a shorter lease period, which translates into reduced depreciation of their home. Also, first time applicants can enjoy generous housing grants depending on location – presently, this shows to be applicants who work in the Central Business District (CBD) area.

We spoke to Dawuzi*, a twenty-something year old office worker strolling around Raffles Place with a cup of Starbucks coffee. ‘The idea of sipping on my kopi in my pyjamas while drafting out tender documents sounds divine man! Some more staying in the office is similar to HDB lah, except lease renewed every 2 to 3 years and my boss pays a part of the rent!’ he quipped.

Another lady, Fangdong, said, ‘I like the idea of the ‘Work from Home’ policy. Now I no longer have to cab back home during the late nights. Definitely a very nice tie-in with national productivity indeed.’

Closer to nature

Other policies, such as the ‘Natural Habitat’ policy. Brings Singaporeans closer to Mother Nature with tents situated in our national parks like MacRitchie Reservoir and Bukit Timah Hill. There have been talks to include more community services near these areas, like clinics and supermarket. For easier access to necessities and to build a sense of community.

‘Its brings everyone more closely connected to each other spiritually in our modern-day busy life, ‘says Aiwuzi*, an avid yoga practitioner.
‘These new policies have indeed catered to the Singaporean soul and I am hoping that everyone can find their dream home and the peace within them.’

*Names have been changed to protect their privacy.

September 8, 2018


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    u r stupiak as fuck if you believe gahment when they say we are owners of our fucking expensive hdb


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