Smoking cigarettes at home. Singaporeans taking measures

It’s a real smokescreen, man.

Smoking cigarettes at home

Singaporeans living in HDB flats can breathe a fresh sigh of relief, as the government ramps up measures against second hand smoke, to prevent further health complications in locals.

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With the recent amendment to the Smoking Act on 10 September, Member of Parliament (MP) for Nee Soon Group Representation Constituency (GRC) Mr Louis Ng raised the issue of smoking bans in Housing Development Board (HDB) flats.

Mr Ng lamented about the pervasiveness of second hand smoke. Especially for HDB dwellers who are exposed to such dangers. This increases their risk of dying younger and not contributing enough to the economy.

To prevent an increase of Stage 4 Lung Cancer cases in Singapore and continue being a productive nation, there have been two suggestions made which enhance community spirit and are cost effective in various areas.

Smoker’s Corner for the Community Spirit

There have been plans made to coordinate regulated smoke-break timings in residential clusters. A ‘Smoker’s Corner’ will be situated at a void deck, with closed window and doors to prevent the smoke from escaping and causing potential long-term harm to others. There will be a sign prohibiting non-smokers from entering and jeopardizing their health by mistake. This also enhances a greater sense of community spirit. People from all walks of HDB pavements gather to engage in a mutually enjoyed activity.

The Pollution Standard Index

The Pollution Standard Index (PSI) will be used in each HDB apartment block as well. To determine whether levels are safe for residents to open their windows. The PSI is used in Singapore to measure levels of air pollution. It is a widely used index especially during the later months of the year. When forest fires in neighboring countries start. PSI ratings will be given in 15 minute intervals throughout the day. Residents are encouraged to keep their windows closed unless the ratings indicate that it is safe to open the windows for fresh air.

Should this initiative be a success, other sources of smoke like joss sticks, incense paper, and birthday candles will be considered in the future as well.

September 16, 2018

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