Crazy Rich Asians Movie Review

Crazy Rich Asians

The much hyped movie about rich Asians in Singapore has arrived and received mixed reviews. While most critics have given their stamp of approval, there is a fair share of negative reviews as well.

There are only rich chinese Singaporeans

As much as society has progressed, Crazy Rich Asians has successfully pulled us all back many centuries. Dark skinned humans are still there to service glamorous and wealthy fair skinned elites. There are still about 15-20% of Singapore who are Malay, Indians. Minority races in Singapore of Crazy Rich Asians’ universe are made invisible.

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Rich Singaporeans speak with western accents

In Crazy Rich Asians universe, if you are ultra rich and Chinese, you will be speaking with a western accent. You are not allowed or do not know how to speak in the local tongue of Singlish. As if it was forbidden to use local actors who are only allowed to appear on the small screens. Such a huge scale movie project has to go to Chinese looking and western accent speaking foreigners who will depict a better image of Singaporeans. Singaporeans are such a disgrace to grace the silver screen.

Saga of Kevin Kwan

Although the original author of the Crazy Rich Asians book Kevin Kwan defaulted on his National Service obligations hit the news, it should not matter on how good or bad the movie is. The timely revelation by the Ministry of Defence on how Kevin Kwan defaulted his obligations back in 1990 is suspiciously eye-rolling. It was also reported in the news that his application to renounce his Singapore citizenship back in 1994 was rejected. (Eye-rolled all the way to the back.) Not advocating his almost 28 years ago actions, it seems some may have lost sight on how well this movie turned out to be.


Should anyone, be it Singaporeans or foreigners, watch this awesome movie? You should and you have to. Because as much as god forbid, online pirates tend to not be bothered to make it available via torrents or what not they do. Hence, you won’t be catching it online anytime soon unless you make a trip to the cinemas. Jokes aside, premise and story line are indeed something that are worth spending on.



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    great movie. enjoyed it

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    it was alright at most. still enjoyable


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