Worth Watching Transformers: Age of Extinction?

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Transformers: Age of Extinction Review

If there was one movie action fans were definitely looking forward to this summer it was the fourth Transformers movie. They’re not known for deep plots or for being cinematic masterpieces, but they’re a guilty pleasure for action fans looking for some good explosions and lots of destruction. But Transformers: Age of Extinction is a huge, boring mess that isn’t as enjoyable as the previous films in the franchise.

Fourth installment

The fourth installment in the series takes place after the battle in Chicago. The human race believes all alien lifeforms are a threat to humanity, resulting in the Autobots going into hiding. So a unit is assembled by CIA agent Harold Atinger in order to hunt down all aliens. But little do they know that an alien is behind the operation in order to get to Optimus Prime.

Boring and full of flaws

This is a movie that is unfortunately full of flaws. First off, it’s a very long movie with a run time of over two hours and forty minutes. There’s no reason the film should be this long and often times gets boring despite being “action packed.” But even the action is often times unconvincing with some computer generated effects that often don’t look real. None of the main characters seem to face any enemies that even put up much of a struggle and as a result makes us feel less emotionally connected to the characters. Sure the explosions and chaotic scenes are sometimes interesting to look at, and that’s what the franchise is most famous for, but after watching so much action for nearly three hours it gets repetitive.

Another area where Transformers: Age of Extinction fails is in its comedy. We know Michael Bay’s films aren’t usually strong or well known for their comedic parts, but the humor in Transformers: Age of Extinction is torture. There are a lot of one liners that simply aren’t funny or don’t work.

They even try to add humor with the Transformers themselves and pretty much always fail. For example, one transformer walks with a cane due to being old. But it doesn’t make any sense because they’re robots. They also cough, which is difficult to understand why they would need to. There seemed to be a lack of some basic logic of the Transformers in this film. The plot involving them is ludicrous, stupid and nearly doesn’t exist throughout the whole film. The destruction is the only thing viewers are treated to, which as stated earlier, gets old.


Overall Transformers: Age of Extinction was a disappointment. It fails in so many areas of the movie that it’s unappealing. It’s not the guilty pleasure the first three films are. Michael Bay is a good director, with the other Transformers, Pearl Harbor and Armageddon under his belt. Unfortunately this movie doesn’t showcase his talent. With a fifth film already announced, lets hope they can make the necessary changes in order to get the franchise back on its feet.


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