Samsung Gear IconX vs Apple AirPods

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Samsung Gear IconX vs Apple AirPods. These are two of the best wireless ear buds for iOS and Android. Needless to say, Samsung Gear IconX works best for Samsung phones/tablets, and Apple AirPods works best with Apple phones/tablets.

Samsung Gear IconX Comes in Different Sizes

While both are designed to sit stung in your ears, Samsung has made the IconX more compact by keeping it in round shaped. It comes in three different eartip and wingtip sizes such as Large, Medium and Small based on your ear size. While Apple has maintained the shape of a regular earplug.

The Gear IconX has a large 4 GB memory where you can keep up to 1,000 favorite workout music of your choice. However, the usable memory is less than 3.5 GB.

Apple Airpods Seems To Be Great In Terms Of Battery Life

It is the battery life that is a major concern for users. As claimed by Apple, the AirPods has up to 5 hours of listening time with a single charge. Its small sleek charging case holds additional charge of more than 24 hours. On an interesting note, only 15 minutes of charging gives 3 hours of listening time. However, the battery of Samsung Gear IconX is a serious drawback. It lasts only an hour while streaming music and nearly 3 hours when playing stored music with a single charge.

Apple AirPods has inbuilt infrared optical sensors that can immediately sense once they’re in your ears and with one-tap setup, the AirPods are on to use. The motion-detecting accelerometer detects the double tap on the AirPods to activate smarter Siri to make any changes. Its speech detector accelerometer and beam-forming microphones let you focus on your calls and filters any external noise.

August 8, 2018

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