10 Foods They Don’t Want You To Know Have Secretly Changed. 10 Food Secrets

Be Amazed at these 10 Snacks They Don’t Want You To Know Have Been Secretly Changed!

10 Food Secrets


I know I’m not the only one who remembers enjoying the delicious, cream-filled cakes of Twinkies as a kid.

Unfortunately, around the late nineties, parent company Hostess brands, decided their profits just weren’t sweet enough to keep the lights on.

McDonald’s Menu Items

McDonald’s sells a lot of vanilla ice cream, between cones and using it as a base for their famous McFlurries. It’s hard to believe they changed the ingredients last year and no one even noticed, but that’s what happened.


Don’t you wanta Fanta? Maybe not, if you’ve noticed the new taste like I have. And I’m not alone—many fans are annoyed at the new formula, particularly of the orange flavor.

Subway Bread

Subway has a “healthy” image, and many people probably get a Subway sandwich after yoga class. However, health conscious consumers don’t want to eat their yoga mat, and some got angry after learning that a chemical used in yoga mats also found its way into the chain’s bread.

Taco Bell

Subway isn’t the only fast food place trying to pull a fast one removing artificial ingredients from its menu. Taco Bell started doing the same in 2015, and it may affect the flavor of your Nacho Cheese Dorito’s Loco Taco Supreme, among other items that contain nacho cheese and/or beef seasoning.


Not Even Your Coffee is Safe – With all these changes to fast food menus, at least my coffee is safe—right? Not so fast. I noticed my Nescafe Original just doesn’t taste the same, and that’s because the formula has changed.

Nestle Chocolate

I need a nice, gooey chocolate chip cookie to help me get over my massive coffee disappointment. Whoops, those changed too.

Cadbury Creme Eggs

In another candy catastrophe, Cadbury Creme eggs were also secretly changed by the company’s US owners.


Coca-Cola is one of the most famous examples of a disastrous change in formula. In 1985, they tested a new recipe for their iconic drink.


While Coke and other brands try to quietly reduce sugar, other products have done just the opposite. Fans were recently outraged that the new Nutella spread is lighter in color—but has more sugar.

December 16, 2018

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