Vietnam Food vs Thailand Food. Which country has better food?

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Vietnam Food vs Thailand Food. Which country has better food?

The main differences down to the simplicity of the Vietnamese cooking and more elaborated approach in Thai cooking, with more emphasis on contrasting flavors.

Thai dishes are more heavy on coconut milk, shrimp paste and fish sauces, whereas Vietnamese soups are much lighter.

Modern Vietnamese cuisines are also heavily influenced by French cuisine, such as the use of baguette style bread rolls (Bánh mì).

However unlike the baguette, they are usually made with rice flour instead of wheat flour. The pork roll (Bánh mì Thit) also use liver pâté as spread.

Vietnamese Food

Typically, Vietnamese food is brought to the table in segments, where diners will assemble the meal according to their preferences.

You’ll receive your dishes, which may include noodles, fried rice, sauces, and vegetables, and then create your meal.

This allows you to control much of the flavor profile. This includes the level of spice, making it a great option for people who have specific eating restrictions.

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Thai Food

Thai food, on the other hand, offers family-style dining. Typically served in heaping portions, restaurant-goers can enjoy famous dishes like Pad Thai or Papaya salad.Because the entire meal is served to everyone at the same time, it may be more difficult to customize the level of spice for each person.

You can always request it to be milder, and add spicy sauce to your portion. The Thai experience is much more focused on the group as a whole. Everyone enjoys their company and socializes throughout the meal.

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However there are also many similarities. For example Vietnamese style vermicelli noodles (Pho) is widely used in Thai cooking. There’s a popular Thai street dish called ขนมจีน (Khanom Jin) which means ‘Chinese desserts’ in Thai. It’s type of noodle popular amongst the indigenous Mon people in Central Thailand.

August 10, 2018

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