D24 or Mao Shan Wang? Which durian do you prefer?

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Which durian do you prefer? D24 or Mao Shan Wang? Both are irresistible for durian lovers. But do you have a preference?

Slightly less overwhelming in flavour, the D24 is one fruit that you could keep on eating without getting too sick of it. Thick and creamy, the D24 is reliable in terms of the sweet taste profile it constantly delivers. An easy introduction for first-timers to ease into the strong-smelling fruit.

Mao Shan Wang
The other durian varieties might be nipping at its heels and playing catch up, but Mao Shan Wang remains the most popular of all amongst locals. Mao Shan Wang is almost like the ‘Kinder Surprise’ of durians, with the unusual combination of both bitter and sweet flesh (sometimes even bittersweet) in one fruit. This means you almost never know what you’re in for until you take a bite. Usually well worth the surprise.

July 23, 2018

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