Australian woman jailed for hitting police officers during 2018 christmas

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    An Australian woman who assaulted several police officers and resisted arrest after creating a scene in Lucky Plaza during Christmas last year was jailed seven months five days on Friday (1 March).

    Ashton Jane Holloway, 25, was in a drunken state when she committed the offences. The student, who was a tourist in Singapore, admitted to one count of voluntarily causing hurt to a public servant, one of using vulgarities on a police officer and one count of disorderly behaviour.

    Another count of causing hurt to a public servant was taken into consideration for her sentencing.

    “This was Christmas which is supposed to be a time of happiness… But you were quite determined to do the opposite,” said District Judge Mathew Joseph in sentencing Holloway.

    The judge noted that Holloway’s parents had refused to post bail so that their daughter could reflect on her actions. The parents, who were both in court, will be flying back to Australia on Monday.

    “Your actions from the footage are quite breath-taking and astonishing,” said DJ Joseph.

    “A young lady like yourself can wreck so much havoc. It took the combined action of three or four police officers to try and get you to cooperate with which you seem determined not to.”

    On 25 December last year, a staff member from McDonald’s went into the fire command centre in Lucky Plaza for help as Holloway was kicking tables and scolding customers.

    Four male police officers arrived at the scene to engage Holloway but she was uncooperative. Holloway rushed out of the fast food outlet and had a spat with the officers in a corridor. She questioned the officers loudly and tried to use her phone to film them.

    An officer decided to arrest Holloway, prompting the woman to use an expletive. While she continued bickering, the officers called for backup from a female officer.

    When Holloway was later arrested, she shouted “rape” and asked what her charge was. The entire exchange, which lasted 10 minutes, was captured on the body worn cameras.

    As Holloway was being conveyed to a police car, she screamed and resisted entering the vehicle.

    While in the car, Holloway continued resisting and screaming. Police officers could be heard commenting, “she kicked me also sia” and “just now also kena kicked”. Holloway kept trying to kick an officer who was heard saying, “I have no strength anymore” in Mandarin.

    Holloway also bit a female officer’s forearm and kicked her on the arms and legs. The police car was forced to a stop near Orchard Shopping Centre. The officer was found with bruises on her arms.

    Deputy Public Prosecutor Amanda Han asked for a seven-month jail term for the charge of assault on a public servant, to be run consecutively with a short jail term for either of the other two charges.

    Holloway’s lawyer, Gill Amarick Singh, asked for a five month-jail term on the assault charge but agreed with the prosecution for the other proposed sentences.

    Addressing the judge in tears, Holloway said that she was upset and had a few drinks before the offences. Apologising for her actions, Holloway added that she was “mortified” and deeply embarrassed over the incident.

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