Dead baby found in Taiwan dumped by Singaporean College Students!

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  • cockster

    Singaporean College Couple May Face Death Sentence After Suspected Of Abandoning Baby in Taiwan - WORLD OF BUZZ

    Source: Oriental Daily

    juicy news every fucking week!

    A young Singaporean couple were suspected of causing their own baby’s death in a hotel after giving birth in a hotel. This incident happened in Taiwan and the couple has been identified as college students. According to Oriental Daily, the couple had flown into Taiwan on 19 January and stayed at a hotel in Ximending for a week. The staff did ask about the girl’s condition as all pregnant customers must declare it first before they are allowed to check in. However, this couple did not specify anything.

    so onz ah~ go overseas and throw baby away. nbcc! some people want baby also dont have. you bloody throw a newborn into dustbin! rot in hell!

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  • serimilia

    No wonder sg birth rate low… all fuck happy, get pregnant then go overseas and dump in bin

  • cockster

    identities confirmed anot? dont anyhow point point

    “The two Singaporean suspects are Heng Xunli, 23 and Evon Kay Pei Yee, 24.”

  • Avatar

    should throw them into the sea. dont want babies then wear rubber. read that the guy’s parents want him to face the law. good!

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