Orchard Towers Murder of Satheesh Noel Gobidass

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    orchard towers murder by gang of 7 on indian man


    actually…. the indian guy who died was the one who confronted the gang before he kena slit throat. but having said that… the guy who cut throat got to pay wif his life

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  • TokCok

    wha sey… update

    “According to Lianhe Zaobao, sources working at Orchard Towers said that the altercation between the victim and his assailants had been triggered by jealousy involving a woman at a nightclub.”

    always either about money, or women.

  • serimilia

    so reason for this orchard towers murder is because of woman?!

    jealousy?? dead because of pussy. wtf…..

    and if he didnt approach the gang, the guy with knife wont kill him… :wacko:

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    Sian…. no more updates on this???

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